Sunday, January 1st Declan Joseph McDevitt, Born NYE 2011

On 12/31/11 91 minutes before the end of the year, Chris and Jessica McDevitt welcomed their first son into the world. IF you don't hear from him for a while. It's because of fatherhood.

Wednesday, May 23rd Chris McDevitt's UNWRAPPED in Philadelphia Weekly May 23rd-30th

In promotion of my hosting at Helium this week, I again wrote an edition of "Unwrapped: Two Cd's at a Glance. Literally." for Philadelphia Weekly this week. Pick it up on newstands everywhere, or check it out online, HERE

Tuesday, March 6th Chris McDevitt Mentioned In Dan Gross's Column

Dan Gross's Column mentioning Chris McDevitt

Well it's the second time my name has appeared in Mr. Gross's column and thankfully he hasn't caught me in any gossipy situations yet. You can check out the full text at the link above, or just the excerpt pertaining to me below:

'Lucky Louie' not a Franklin fan

"Ben Franklin was a piece of s---," Louis C.K. said during his late-night Saturday show at Helium (2031 Sansom). The comedian and star of HBO's tragically short-lived "Lucky Louie," played a handful of sold-out shows at the comedy club over the weekend.

Louie, whose beef with Ben Franklin is over his alleged lechery, told us that this was his first visit to town and that while staying at the Ritz-Carlton, he took a stroll around and ran up the Art Museum steps as "Rocky has always meant a lot to me," he said.

Local comics Chris McDevitt and Anton Shuford opened the show and seemed to draw as many laughs as the headliner.

Wednesday, February 28th Chris McDevitt's "UNWRAPPED" in Philadelphia Weekly 2/28 Edition

Click here to view the "Unwrapped" article in Philadelphia Weekly written by Chris McDevitt

Wednesday, January 24th Chris McDevitt featured in the 1/24 edition of Philadelphia Weekly

Click here to read the story by Brian McManus in this week's Philadelphia Weekly.

-- Chris

Tuesday, November 28th WYSP Announces Kidd Chris-mas Show Lineup

Photo Lineup and Details Here

At 5pm on November 27th, Kidd Chris on WYSP 94.1 FREE FM announced the lineup for the Kidd Chris-mas Holiday Spectacular On Ice at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. The event is schedule for December 14th, 2006. Tickets go on sale December 1st at Ticketmaster.

Wednesday, September 20th Cringe Humor Announces October Lineup

Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson, Mike DeStefano, Chris McDevitt, Geno Bisconte, and Laura Levites, hosted by Mark Anthony Ramirez...

Special Guest Appearance, Rick Shapiro.

Wednesday, August 2nd Chris McDevitt in the Philly Daily News 08/02/06

Funny business

"Sen. Rick Santorum is anti-gay and anti-immigration. His biggest nightmare is an illegal alien coming into the country through the back door," jokes 610 WIP's Joe Conklin, who will likely be the funniest performer at Tuesday's 16th annual Stu Bykofsky Candidates Comedy Night at Finnigan's Wake (3rd & Spring Garden). Santorum is scheduled to perform at the show, a benefit for children's charity Variety, as will his Democrat (barely) challenger Bob Casey Jr., Gov. Rendell, Republican opponent Lynn Swann, and a host of other politicians up for election. Tickets are $60 and may be ordered by calling Ellen Ganley at 215-735-0803.

Rev. Bob Levy, the Gloucester County-based comic frequently heard on WYSP's Kidd Chris Show and Sirius Satellite Radio's Howard Stern Show, will headline a benefit event for The Blue Meanie, aka Brian Heffron, a local pro wrestler of ECW and WWE fame who's been struggling financially since the non-smoker required life-saving lung surgery last March. The show takes place on Aug. 9 at 8:30 p.m. at Whiskey Dix (421 N. 7th). Additional performers include The Swamp Candles, Primadonnaz, Dropping Stone and Toxic. Tix are $10 at the door.

Chris McDevitt and Ed McGonigal, both also frequent guests on Kidd Chris's show, play Comedy Cabaret inside the Best Western (11580 Roosevelt) in the Northeast on Friday night. Showtime is 9:30 and tickets are $17.50 at the door.

Papale pays Martino respect

Vince Papale got to meet one of his idols the other night.

When the former Eagles wide receiver, who inspired the film "Invincible," opening Aug. 25, walked into Positano Coast (212 Walnut) with his wife Janet, their kids, and veteran journalist Trudy Haynes, he ran into Jerry Blavat, who was dining with Al Martino and a few other guys. Papale professed his love for Martino's work and said the South Philly born crooner had been an idol of his. Also at the table were Sands president George Toth and Aramingo Diner (3356 Aramingo) owner George Grigos.


Monday, May 29th Chris McDevitt mentioned in latest edition of Stage Time Magazine

Aside from being one of six comedians chosen to track their New Year's Goals, in the first issue of the Magazine, Chris McDevitt has now been mentioned in conjunction with Cringe Humor in the latest issue of Stage Time Magazine. The Magazine also features an interview with Chris's friend and mentor, The Reverend Bob Levy.


Friday, February 3rd Chris McDevitt Added To Cringe Humor Show 2/9/06


Please join us at our THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9th event at the great Laugh Factory NY, located in Times Square

CLICK HERE for $5 off admission coupons

Comedians set to perform (Lineup subject to change):


- HBO One Night Stand, Opie & Anthony, The Tonight Show -


- HBO One Night Stand, Opie & Anthony, Comedy Central Presents -


- Premium Blend, Last Comic Standing, Craig Kilborn -


Plus special appearances by Chris McDevitt, Mike Cotayo & Jon Owens


Visit For more information, tickets & discounts

Call 212-586-7829 Ext.1 to reserve now!

Remember folks, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9th - 9PM at the Laugh Factory NY (42nd & 8th)


Hosted By:
When: Thursday Feb 09, 2006
at 9:00 PM
Where: The Laugh Factory NY
303 W. 42nd Street ( & 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036

Click Here To View Event

Thursday, February 2nd Chris McDevitt and Jim Breuer UNLEASHED.

Just sobered up from last night's festivities. The Stress Factory was SOLD OUT for Jim Breuer's first night of UNLEASHED OPEN MIKE.

All the sets were taped both audio and visual for possible production/promotion by Jim and his crew.

So tune into the Raw Dog Channel (104) on Sirius Radio everyday from 4-6pm to see what becomes of it.



Tuesday, December 6th Chris McDevitt on the Kidd Chris Show 12/06/05

I'll be appearing on the Kidd Chris Show on 94.1 FREE FM WYSP in Philadelphia tonight after 5pm.

You can find the online streaming of the show HERE if you're not in the 94.1 WYSP area.

It should be a ball-breaking good time with The Reverend Bob Levy , The Kidd Chris Crew: Chris, Thomas, Open Mike and the Rock Hard Killa.

So tune in, won't you?

Tuesday, November 1st Welcome to November, Loyal Fans.

He has arrived.

It's going to be a great month. Chris has a lot of shows booked. Surely, you can find the time to attend one or two.

This November we'll see Comedy in three states, Chris's second weekend at The Comedy Cabaret, his return to Get to the Point, as well as a few Rascals Engagements including the AnySoldier.Com Fundraiser!

It'll be a great time. Check it out!

Saturday, October 22nd Chris McDevitt Wishes Everyone A Happy Halloween

If you want to have some real fun, go trick-or-treating as a convicted sex offender. You don't need a costume, just a clipboard with some 'official' looking documentation.

1. Make sure you go door-to-door during the peak hours of trick-or-treating.

2. Try to convince your neighbors that your 'visit' is merely an unfortunate coincidence.

3. Tell them that if they ever need anything you live in the Gingerbread House down the street.

4. Do not accept any candy from them. If they offer, reply that the court explicitly forbids you from possessing candy and/or driving a van.

5. Wait for someone to call the cops.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

Friday, October 21st Chris McDevitt wins 2nd Round of Roast Contest

Round two of the Comedy Cabaret's Roast Competition was held on October 19th, at their North East Philly Location where Chris McDevitt once again defeated his opponent. This time at least the challenger put up a fight.

Roger Weaver, even predicted, this very write-up here on It's just too bad he couldn't have predicted his loss. Such a prognosticator could have spared himself a crappy night in the rain.

The finals are to be held November 2nd, once again at the North East Philly Location where the final roast will take place between Chris McDevitt and the winner of Andy Nolan vs. Jason Pichcuskie.

Saturday, October 8th Mr. Reviewpal Review of the Friday Night Show in Doylestown!

Paul Dell'Angelo
Kevin Quigg
Chris McDevitt
Open Mike from the 94 WYSP Kid Chris show
Richard Christy
Sal the Stockbroker
Bob Levy

So, it turns out that a Bob Levy crowd is nicer than a bridal party,
and Chris McDevitt didn't have to steal a car with a trick. He just
did it because he wanted to.

It was a full house, without Bob Saget in sight. Over 180 people. Kind of like when I used to go to Poco's in the eighties.

A drunken woman sporting a tiara and mini skirt was roaming about,
taking pictures of everyone, collecting autographs, and, at the end of the night, cleaning. Bob would pay special attention to her while he was on stage.

A celebrity studded crowd included Joey Boots, Andy Scarpati, Kid
Chris with a number of people from his show, The Big Blue Meanie (a
pro wrestler), and Ronnie Long. A waitress stepped on Ronnie's foot,
however, and the police, fire and ambulance crews for the Doylestown
and surrounding areas were called in to help Ronnie out. Give Ronnie a chance!

As the winner of Wednesday's roast over Alex Pearlman, Chris McDevitt
showed up with Pearlman's head on a stick. Usually when this is done,
you skewer the neck, to keep the head upright. Chris had the pole in
Alex's mouth, an odd but fitting position. Pearlman's eyes were closed and his lips stretched wide around a big brown pole. Just another Friday night for Pearlman. I wonder if that thought excites Steve Miller.

First up, Paul Dell'Angelo who did a quick minute and then introduced Kevin Quigg.

Kevin had a nice set, got lots of laughs, even though he had to
acknowledge in the middle of his act a spider dangling from the
ceiling directly in front of him, which the crowd had noticed and were muttering about.

Paul went back on and did a longer set. And every time he stepped on
stage he was ready, new bits, crowd interaction, stopping hecklers
(although overall, no real heckling. More just back and forth, and
some funny stuff was said by crowd members). He kept the show moving,
killed, and killed time when it was needed. Great job.

Chris McDevitt did a solid ten minutes. Comfortable and smooth on
stage, he Garnered some huge laughs and got a lot of Afflecktion. (Get it! Garner? Affleck? Fuckin' funny!) The only bad thing I can say is that his website doesn't have any porn on it. Yet.

Next up, Open Mike, from the Kid Chris show. He had some real funny
jokes, and an odd manner which fit him: Kind of

Richard Christy walked in the door and had to get right on stage. The
drive took them four and a half hours, and in the rain, it wasn't a
joy. He grabbed a beer and went to work, the crowd roaring as he
talked about his endless self-love addiction, Kansass (new spelling),
and his life.

Sal the Stockbroker was passionate and loud and funny as the capacity
crowd laughed through his set. (I was in the green room being cool,
and missed most of it.)

Then Bob Levy took the stage.

Bob Levy controls the room while up there. He shuts people up, he
makes people talk and he makes them laugh. The tiara wearing drunken
girl and her friend were greeted warmly by Bob. They were both
celebrating a birthday and they looked like they had enjoyed a few
birthday cakes over many, many years. Is it crowd work when you tell a woman you're afraid of getting caught under her third chin? And she

Bob slaughtered. He got the light and said, what? Told the crowd to
tip more, and he kept going. And could have continued on.

Great night. If you have nothing to do Saturday night, go see them in
Cherry Hill.

Thursday, October 6th Chris McDevitt wins Round 1 of the NE Cabaret Roast

On Wednesday Night, Chris McDevitt defeated his first opponent in the NE Philly Comedy Cabaret Roast Contest, Alex Pearlman. Unprepared and a little inebriated Pearlman couldn't have performed worse if he hadn't shown up at all.

After the show, though, Chris felt slightly bad watching his opponent sit in the corner of the room alone. He would have invited Pearlman over to the table, if he wasn't a little worried the guy might have a sawed off shotgun in his trenchcoat.

Chris's next opponent on the 19th of October is Roger Weaver. Popular Opinion states that Chris is the odds-on favorite to win it all.

All being a $20 dollar gift certificate to a porn store, or a 10 year old Jenna Jameson DVD.

When asked about the $20 in-store credit grand prize, Chris McDevitt had this to say, "I have arrived."

Thursday, September 1st Chris McDevitt at the Underground Comedy Festival

Thanks to the generosity of New York City Underground Comedy Festival Headliner, The Rev. Bob Levy, Chris McDevitt will be performing a guest spot on the show "Bob Levy & Friends" held at the National Comedy Theatre on Oct. 3rd at 8pm.

Jim Florentine , Craig Gass, Richard Christy and Dan the Song Parody Man are also slated to appear.

This is Chris's first festival appearance of any kind. He's extremely excited and looks forward to killing although he'd settle for manslaughter.

Friday, August 5th OPENS

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